Be Prepared for Further Outbreaks

Before lockdown is eased we need to make sure our hospitals and Care homes have all relevant PPE in place with stock piles in reserve for any future rapid rise in cases. Hospitals and Care homes must have rigorous policies in place for testing key workers on a regular basis. Private companies must be brought into line with strict guidelines adhering to new Covid policies. We must look to ourselves for expanding home grown foods. In Scotland we have a great base with beef stock, Fisheries and fruit and crops until movement within the world is safer. Stop people entering and leaving our Country unless fully quarantined for 14 days. Make the NHS app mandatory Make face masks mandatory. Do not leave lockdown until R number sits below 0.5 for a period of time. People are restless but would rather that than people dead. Most understand and support this, only a minority call for ease of lockdown at present. Now is not the right time.

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The country now always needs to be on high alert for this virus to quickly reappear and our PPE stocks, ventilators and ICU beds need to stay at the high capacity which we have at present. This needs to be new normal level. Become more self contained re our food chain, more independent in case of further outbreaks which may break food chain from other countries. When out, wearing face masks at ALL times NHS App should automatically be placed on all mobile phones by phone companies. Those without phones require a daily/weekly update to a contact tracer ....could this be done through local authorities?

by Kazzadaltoi on May 07, 2020 at 09:06AM

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