beyond either / or (saving lives or saving the economy)

We need to move beyond this current either / or Here's how. We need to admit that there are broadly two personality types with regard to this crisis. On the one hand, those who understandably are scared for their own health, and the health of their loved ones. Call this group the cautious type. And on the other hand the extroverts, the risk-takers, who can't stand being 'nannied'. Call this group the risk-takers. Now, any solution has to take into account BOTH these types. So here's the idea: give the cautious types a low-wage benefit, which means they can stay at home. It must be livable, but not much more than livable, so they have motivation eventually to move on. But this must be an option, because once the fear is out, once the genie is out, it will never go back. Pandora's box is open. So that caters for one personality type. But for the extroverts, and so for society as a whole, everything must be openeed. International travel, entertainment, holidays, everything completely open. They know they are taking a risk, and they, by personality are prepared to take this risk. For this plan to work, the whole point is that society, and the economy must be completely open - no restrictions at all. No more treating adults like children - this risk-taking type will not accept that for much longer, and rightly so. It should be noticed, not by coincidence, given my experience of both cultures, that the two types broadly represent, the two political systems of communism and capitalism. The one offers security, but no growth and dynamism. The other, capitalism, represents dynamisim, risk-taking, growth. These systems became real, because they represent personality types. It's only the recognition of these two broad personality types and a solution that reflect this, that will get us beyond the pendulum-swing of 'open up' / 'close down'. One more point, it's important in such a solution that the benefits given to those who stay at home, should leave them with some incentive to raise their bravery, and get into the world. But already, it's too late to force them to do this. And they might actually realize 'hey, those slightly risk-taking extrovert-types' get to travel, get to enjoy life, get to get out, and might be motivated to move on.. And in the meantime, the extrovert-types will be doing what they're best at, getting out, building wealth, making things happen. Yes, taking a risk, but you can't stop them from doing what to them is life. So in summary, the only way beyond this impasse is a system that combines the traits of the two key systems of recent history, so systems that do work in reality - and worked because they reflected real personality types. In this vision, these two personality-types / political models, would just have to operate concurrently, but who's not to say that could even bring unforeseen benefits in itself.... So that's it: acknowedge there are two types of people, and rather than swing wildly from trying to please one group or the other (and failing to please or even help either) find an approach that allows both types to flourish as much as possible, in an unprecedently challenging time.

Why the contribution is important

Important because it will save the ecomomy, before it's too late, while at the same time, giving scared people the sense of protection they now need. And such an approach would work, for any future outbreaks, and also in a scenario where a reliable vaccine takes time to be found.

by scotinbudapest on May 10, 2020 at 03:12PM

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