Blended learning

Design a blended portfolio of home based, digital, outdoors and school based learning so every learner at every stage can access learning in new ways, with coherence and support. Community settings and people in the community can enhance the learning experience. This would mean a learning week with some learning at home, some in school, some outdoors and some in the community. Reflection on what works can inform long term strategies for where and how learning happens. A summary from a P4 learner:

Why the contribution is important

1. Manages public health risk 2. Makes best use of all spaces in each community 3. Provides coherence around the learning week 4. Taps into the knowledge and potential of every learner and their community 5. Ensures support at each step for learners, teachers and community 6. Provides opportunity for reflection on what works to support longer term change

by TLF on May 10, 2020 at 12:54PM

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  • Posted by Longcroft May 11, 2020 at 12:20

    I am not sure you need to develop anything for this at the moment. There is a lot online for taking learning outdoors for all aspects of the curriculum for most levels. Use the indoors to reinforce the learning, writing/making reports online, post pics/vids for evidence of learning etc etc.
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