Blind Science

Science, statistics, trials they can all be manipulated to say whatever you want. For example, the Government has used the R number over the past few weeks - it was below 0, then it was between 0.7 and 0.9 but they couldn't be sure if it was nearer 07. or 0.9, it was because we are behind the curve in England, next day it's due to several factors (none explained) and we can't say we're behind England. The 2 metre rule can't be explained or backed up, face masks should be worn (or should they?) children aren't susceptible (but there's some terrible inflammatory condition linked to it now) I could go on and on - contradictory, complicated and causing chaos! Please don't blindly trust in science and medicine it needs very careful review.

Why the contribution is important

There needs to be transparency with the science, we need to kept fully in the picture. Local NHS board data paints a different story and shows a very real decline in cases and deaths so why is the R number said to be rising? Please ensure science is being used appropriately and must be used in a helpful way to guide us out of this mess not used selectively to feed the panic and corroborat your story.

by mummywebb on May 08, 2020 at 06:37PM

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