Border and entrance restrictions.

As England is progressing and looking to ease restrictions; I believe it would be a great time to implement some new moves to safeguard the citizens of Scotland. I believe there should be a checkpoint at the border between Scotland and England, manned by the police working shifts. This would deter anyone coming into the country and anyone thinking of leaving. This is not to create a totalitarian regime, this is to safeguard Scotland and it's citizens against the effects of a second wave of COVID-19. Secondly, I believe airports within Scotland should be closed, with exception to military aircraft, medical supply aircraft or repatriation aircraft. This will further minimise any chance of a second wave emerging. Furthermore, I believe that ports should also be closed with exception again to supply shipments, medical shipments, mail and produce shipments etc. Effectively blocking any travel into any ports within Scotland unless medically necessary. I believe this gives Scotland the best possible scenario to defend itself and it's citizens against another wave of COVID-19.

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I believe my idea is important as it fundamentally blocks any outside forces creating an emergence of a second wave of COVID-19. This also shows Scotland's citizens how committed it's government is to giving Scotland the best possible chance at beating COVID-19.

by Condog on May 11, 2020 at 02:15PM

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  • Posted by Mags41 May 11, 2020 at 14:26

    I completely agree with this.
  • Posted by Feriface May 11, 2020 at 14:27

    I totally agree with this and anyone coming into the country for whatever reason should be tested right away before they are allowed in. I was caught in a lockdown in South Africa and was repatriated back to the UK and few weeks ago. On my return I was shocked at the fact that there was absolutely no checks in place. I should have been tested and if need be quarantined. I self quarantined when I returned home for 14 days but most people wouldn't as I was not ill but what if I picked anything up along my journey? I was crammed in a flight with over 200 others so chances were pretty high. I also have a very strong immune system as I work very hard on that so what if I had anything but did not show symptoms? There should be measures in place for this scenario as many are still returning home from other countries.
  • Posted by Stargazer1960 May 11, 2020 at 14:36

    I agree with this to a point. As we try to move forward to living within a world with Covid-19, it will be impossible to stop all entry and exit from Scotland, but we do wish to maximise the safety of such processes. Testing, quarantine/isolation, will be essential. This is probably more easily managed at airports and harbour ports, but is difficult to work out how it can be effectively achieved for those travelling by train, bus, car and motorbike without having a hard border
  • Posted by Fredsquine May 11, 2020 at 15:34

    Not 100% in agreement here and don't think it would be achievable as there is still some essential transport requirements both within Scotland and between Scotland and rUK. Flights of essential oil workers (both fixed wing, and helicopter flights to rigs) cannot be completely closed down. Flights are regularly used for freight and post etc. Transport of essential goods both too and from Scotland by trucks cannot be stopped. However, given the PM's easing of restrictions in England I do agree that some sort of border checks would be advisable if only to prevent the "chancers" from thinking they can now travel into Scotland for fun reasons. Closing of ports and airports would remove the necessary infrastructure to keep the necessary movements going but more stringent testing at ports and airports might help keep the virus at bay.
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