. Rota for bowlers using green . 6 rinks, only 3 used, leaving rink inbetween each playing game . Needs to be singles . One player at mat, one at head . Own mats, own jack . Think we can trust members to stick to social distancing . Co-ordinate to ensure greenkeeping not interrupted . Ensure retired folks get morning/afternoons to ensure those working get evenings

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Bowls has many benefits for all ages socially, mentally and as a good form of exercise. The proposal above from Bowls South Africa seems to be manageable and sensible. There would have to be procedures in place re accessing locker rooms etc but think we could encourage players to take their bowls and equipment home so could avoid this. No competitive bowls initially just fun games. Also in time an opportunity to bring new people to Try the Game ensuring social distancing and also recent guidance seems to indicate wearing a mask albeit maybe not being outdoors.

by SocialEntJim on May 06, 2020 at 03:19AM

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