Bring summer holiday and next academic year forward

I am not a key worker, my husband is classed as a key worker. Unfortunately, our son would fall into the category where only one parent would be classed as key worker, and as such, our son would not be eligible for the CAC under present government guidelines.

If lockdown eases before July, we are all going to struggle for childcare as this wasn't budgeted for. It isn't fair to land the responsibility to educate children to grandparents/childcare.

I hereby suggest to either extend lockdown in line with school holiday. Let next academic year start earlier than planned to make up for missed education (and let summer holiday start earlier).

Why the contribution is important

To bring forward summer holiday and next academic year.

Children education - children won't be deprived of their education because parents are back at work with noone "homeschooling" them.

Better mental health - parents can concentrate on spending quality time with their children after a stressful day at work rather than to worry about homeschooling during working hour and catch up with school work when the child's too tired mentally at 5pm.

by eleung87 on May 08, 2020 at 11:35PM

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