If we were able to develop an app that could be used to track bubbles. For example you and your “bubbled” household would log in and have a joint ID together. This means that ID number is only valid for you and your household of choice. Every time you enter your bubbled household you log in to confirm you have visited. This way if anyone did have the symptoms of the virus they would know have a rough track of what day you may have passed the virus on and also able to track the movement from who entered and left each household. Also act as a permit, police stopping civilians would be able to look at the ID number and see they are going to the responsible household.

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I feel locally and regionally this would be a good idea to inherit as we would be able to have a general consensus of each recognised household that is bubbled together.

by Jonnya21 on May 11, 2020 at 12:44PM

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