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I believe that we should introduce a bubble scheme , such as meeting max 3 friends out of households and keeping in touch with only they 3 friends or loved ones through this pandemic, not allowing to meet other friends just sticking with the 3 friends/loved ones chosen. I think we should keep lockdown in place but ease it with Regards to visiting people, we must remember people rely on friends and family to get them through day to day life, people who are struggling? People who are alone? People who are victims or domestic/violent relationships, people who are scared to speak out may not be comfortable talking over the phone as there partner may hear them. Although I fully agree measures still need to stay in place I think we should really take this idea into consideration to save people's mental health, people will begin to feel insane, they will get cabin fever, spending to much time in the house with family or whoever it may be can be pressurising, people may begin to feel suffocated, they may begin to argue a lot more, family conflict may evolve. we need to seriously take mental health into our thoughts along with how long will people actually stick to lockdown measures if they are this strict. Would not you not rather have a longer lockdown with less stricter measures or a lockdown that could may last 8 weeks but not be able to see anyone at all.

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My idea is important because being a young person myself and experiencing these kind of mental health issues and the suffocation of being in your household not being able to see friends or loved ones is really taking its toll on me and everyone. A lot of my friends are the same and are beginning to not see a purpose of following lockdown measures as there putting there mental health first now. We really have to consider this idea and although it's a huge ask to the government sometimes we have to think of it in the long run, need to think of young people death rates due to this and due to not being able to see friends and family, they may not be able to cope for much longer.

by Shanreid on May 06, 2020 at 05:44PM

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