BUI to help families care for the elderly (and children in case schools have to close again) at home

Society has a duty to care for the vulnerable. So ignoring the tragedy going on in care homes and "letting the rest out of lockdown" is, or shouldn't be, an option. Most, if not all, families do not send their elderly family members into care homes, because they want to get rid of them. They do so, because as long as a carer provides care at home, it isn't considered work, for some reason. So people need jobs to earn money. Money to then pay to a care home, where a carer's job at least gets a proper job description. Appropriate recognition and payment could certainly be improved on. A Universal Basic Income could help. The vulnerable elderly could live with their families, ending the inhumane separation. This would require the families to properly shield these family members. And with that they would need help. But I am sure, with support most families would rather have their loved ones living with them. UBI would also help with too many people desperately trying to snap up too few available jobs. There are people who need a job, not just an income. But others might welcome the chance to care for loved ones, for children when schools have to close again, because of infection, to volunteer in their community, to start a business of their own, to try their hands at being creative - all sorts of things, not classed as work, as long as we do them ourselves. Work apparently becomes a job, only if we let someone else do it for us. Is supporting businesses really the only way? With UBI employers would not have to pay wages for as long as their employees could not go back to work.

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Because the situation in care homes needs to be resolved before we can even start to think about easing our way out of lockdown. And shielding the elderly away from their loved ones is unethical.

by Elkie on May 08, 2020 at 02:10PM

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  • Posted by bakehousetheman May 08, 2020 at 14:56

    This is a great idea, would help all those currently accessing loans, Universal credit, grants and furlough payments. Simple to operate and above all fair.
  • Posted by GMGTL May 08, 2020 at 16:01

    I have long wanted UBI to be the foundation of our caring and inclusive society in an independent Scotland, it is the solution to many social inequalities and a realistic way to increase health and wellbeing.
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