CalMac is a risky way to travel due to red tape

Calmac ban passengers traveling on the car deck with their vehicle. This was introduced after the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster and with good reason. As a result passengers must congregate together in passenger spaces which despite the best efforts of staff means that passengers are passsing on the virus unknowingly. It is time to change that rule, ignoring EU red tape (and Coast Guard edicts) in the name of everyone’s safety. This could be for a period until the virus is defeated and then brought back in. Moreover, other than residents and key workers no one should be allowed to travel to the islands until the virus is defeated.

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Simply on the grounds of public safety. I am originally from the Uist and still maintain a second home which I rent out but I don’t want the rent from tourists at the potential cost of the virus destroying the island communities.

by Crofter on May 06, 2020 at 07:47AM

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  • Posted by AlJones May 10, 2020 at 23:58

    On many CalMac Ferries, the passenger numbers are far lower than the ferry is designed for. People can also wash their hands and not touch their face. That is still, according to medics, the best way to prevent spread. Keep calm and carry on. The sooner CalMac is back to normal, the better.
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