Care homes vulnerability

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Reduce staff change overs to minimise virus access to care homes

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With the current crisis within the care homes regarding virus infections why has nobody mooted the idea that the risk is so much higher while there is a constant changeover of staff coming and going from these buildings. It’s not that the residents are increasing the infection rate by leaving it that some staff are employed part time in several jobs at different locations. This is the focal point of infection entry. Nothing short of a complete building / staff isolation will solve this. Change work patterns so that it is similar to offshore workers etc where you are in the building 24/7 for a period before switching say two weeks later or whatever. Staff should be tested or isolated prior to changeovers etc. A sacrifice for staff etc but otherwise we must expect further infections if we continue with this revolving door policy. This thought is not a criticism but just an idea and I thank all care staff who are currently in this nightmare. Stay safe

by Phog on May 06, 2020 at 10:55PM

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