Carehome mitigation of virus introduction

Carehomes have been locked down for weeks now without visitors yet the virus is still being introduced. Staff are key workers and critical to residents care so every measure possible should be taken to mitigate the risk of them bringing in and taking home the virus.

It’s unlikely that major events will be possible for many months so portable units normally used for these events will be available and could be used in carehome cars parks as cleaning and changing areas for staff to change out of home clothes into a clean uniform kept on site and appropriate PPE. Post shift uniforms should be bagged (in scrub bags) and laundered in onsite laundry facility to ensure it is available for the staff members next shift.

Resident’s families should all have access to video visiting make things easier does residents tor keep I touch with loved ones. Carehomes should also allow acres to outdoor areas in small socially distances numbers to allow residents to get fresh air and make lockdown more comfortable for them. Elected members should ensure proactive governance of private care facilities and home care providers to ensure that they are on top of any concerns re: PPE or other, before it becomes and issue.

Why the contribution is important

Carehomes across the country are full of our most vulnerable citizens to this virus and the wonderful staff who care for them are too often some of the lowest paid in society. Many rely on public transport and also have children or grandchildren who are at hub schools.

The probability of infection including asymptomatic infection amongst predominantly female staff is high and is the severity of the impact of infection entering a carehome where often mobile residents with cognitive impairment are impossible to successfully socially distance from other residents.

Carehomes present a challenge but also an opportunity to implement the highest level of protocols to mitigate risk that may not only alleviate higher incidence and deaths in our care sector but also provide a blueprint and lessons for other sectors such as schools moving forward.

Carehome management are not crisis managers to need clear protocols rather than guidance who has is often not consistently applied. Private Carehomes have multiple stakeholders so the pull on local managers to meet HQ demands can contend with following Scot Gov guidelines. The Care Commission (it other governing body) must have a clear template to apply and must do this governance proactively with each facility having check in requirements to report on PPE supply, testing, suspected/confirmed cases. Only by transparency and good data will confidence be returned to the sector for residents, staff and a families.

by AllisonG on May 05, 2020 at 10:27PM

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