Categorical scientific evidence to make sure wdont risk our children or their families

As much as I would love some form on normality I am extremely concerned about the opening of schools and nurseries. My daughter will be transitioning this year to high school and I would live nothing more than for her to be with her friends to go through this transition together. Having said thos must daughter is at the top age for primary school and is very aware of the current situation however even at this age lacks comprehension of the severity and importance of social distancing,this results in her often asking to spend time with her friends and at times sneaking closer to our eighbours than she should be. I believe in children this is a natural responsibility when around their friends. My concern is this is her at the oldest age of primary school. My second concern is over nursery opening. I currently work in a nursery and am acutely aware that social distancing is impossible in this setting. The setting and care is similar to that of a care home and so I believe the spread of infection would spread at a similar rate albeit not be so serious outcomes for the children . The staff providing this care who cannot socially distance and need to meet the care need of these very young children are what concerns me. I have a very sick husband at home who if contracted coronavirus would quite possibly be very unwell or even die from this as do many other staff and families of these children . The consequences of this for our children would be monumental regardless if they became unwell themselves . If there were studies to categorically prove that children then fantastic, getting schools back would be the ideal situation, however if thos cant be proven then I think we need to look at the potentially medical and psychological harm that could potentially be done to the children who could lose family members that arent in the best of health. I understand of the r number were to go above 1 that the situation would be quickly reviewed however how many thousands of lives lost would this entail before thos happened and in the downfall as it graduate declined. These are people who have no choice but to go into work in very dangerous situations not to safe lives or care for the vulnerable, sick or elderly but to look after children that do not belong to them.

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As stated ,I am extremely concerned like the rest of the population.

by Laura89 on May 05, 2020 at 11:54PM

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  • Posted by cus1903 May 06, 2020 at 08:13

    economic disaster if we so not get some people back to earning money and more will die through stress. We can see how other countries are faring yes we will be concerned but we have been out into a state of fear that's why. We must start to recover even if it is hy choice to begin with.
  • Posted by ElBee May 06, 2020 at 08:43

    Unfortunately, there's no definitive scientific answers yet. This virus is so new, its effects so unknown, that the scientific community is at odds within itself at the moment. However, as an Early Years Practitioner, I'm in full agreement about the extreme difficulties we will face when trying to get young children to socially distance - even in tiny groups. It's going to be next to impossible. As is cleaning all the surfaces and resources they touch each session! I think nurseries and classrooms will need to be stripped back, and routines refined, in order to decrease the resources and areas used each session.
  • Posted by LRCLOW May 06, 2020 at 09:12

    I categorically agree that nurseries should NOT be opened until the evidence suggests it is safe to do so and we are not putting our children and their key workers at risk of becoming ill. Quite frankly, if this means we have to wait out for a vaccine then I am happy to do so and would like the Scottish Government to urge employers to be sensible with employees who have childcare responsibilities e.g. allowing compressed hours, paid and unpaid leave, working with children at home.
  • Posted by Laura89 May 06, 2020 at 11:26

    At one point my childrens nursery had 5 children attending with the test off with chicken pox. This is how quickly things spread throughout the whole building as they would in a care home with similar square footing per person.
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