Caution with relaxing travel, visiting rural areas

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Although I would normally encourage people to enjoy the countryside. It is difficult for people in rural areas to exercise while distancing on narrow paths. This is difficult enough when only the local population should be in these areas. A sudden influx of the urban population looking for ways to get out would make it very difficult for rural residents to take exercise, especially those in vulnerable groups who may benefit most from some local exercise. Opening the countryside too early or too sudden could in effect mean complete lockdown for rural residents in vulnerable groups. There is also a problem with facilities. Local food shops could become overcrowded partly because rural shops are generally small, with small aisles making distancing impossible, and because at present there are no other facilities open such as cafes and pubs to eat and drink. It could be better to wait until it is safe to open local facilities and relax distancing before encouraging visits to rural areas.

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To prevent a peak in rural Covid 19 cases in rural areas and to allow the rural population to take exercise safely with distancing if necessary. To continue allowing exercise for rural residents in vulnerable groups who would be adversely affected by lack of exercise.

by stuartwilson on May 07, 2020 at 09:37AM

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