Change the recording of deaths in this emergency situation so we have a clearer figure of how many are dying because of Covid

At present, the figures are telling us how many people who died were suspected of having Covid at the time of death. This is worse than useless, because it could be misleading and will hinder us from bringing things under control. It doesn't seem unreasonable to think that the "deaths with Covid" figure would *never* go down if doctors put down "suspected Covid" every time a patient had symptoms of coughing and high temperature at time of death.

In this emergency situation, we need to get more information about deaths. We need to think of something simple that will better help us assess how we are doing. Possibly a non-binding anonymised opinion (for government purposes) from the doctor, separate from the death certificate, on whether without Covid this patient was likely to have lived for more than 2 months. This is surely *much* more useful to us when assessing how we are doing. I would expect most doctors to be enthusiastic for a measure such as this that is deiberately targeted at how we are doing.

Why the contribution is important

The present statistics seem inadequate, and the deaths with Covid figure may never go down if doctors record "with suspected Covid" every time a patient dies with a high temp and coughing. A measure like this would enable us to now how we are doing.

by westwell on May 10, 2020 at 10:17PM

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