Changes to staying at home?

In the document published on 5th May.

""A. Changes to advice about staying at home
This would still involve staying in their local area.......""

People could consider Strathclyde as their local area.
Which is a large geographic area.

"Local area" - people in a city or town (Urban) will have different perspective on - local area - to people in Rural (villages etc).

It would be simpler to give a more definitive measurement that is allowed to be travelled within - unless you are travelling to work, or nearest supermarket/shop or for medical reasons.

Which may need to be different for urban and rural.

So a more definite measurement is required.
Radius in miles?

If left at "...their local area..." - countryside/seasides within a car journey from citys and towns will be overwhelmed with people walking/cycling/gathering etc. As will parks within citys and towns.

The Lake District in England has already reported a large increase (even with lockdown in place) - of people willing travel 100's of miles for - "a change if scenery"


Why the contribution is important

If left at - "local area" - people will interpret in many different ways. If the police are to enforce any new lockdown measures - how do they argue with someone whose idea of "local area" - is different to theirs (The police).

There needs to be a more definitive set of guideline(s) - on "local area"

by MCC on May 06, 2020 at 01:44PM

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