Cheerful Mobile Shops for the sheilding/isolated/elderly

Much like the old fashioned grocer/baker van, encouraging entrepreneurial spirit, vans and buses could be repurposed to form mobile shops, fun to go round the streets to serve the shielded and self isolating.

Anything from groceries, libraries, charity shops, even mini tea-room cake shops with music!could become mobile, and would bring both necessities and a little bit of diversity, fun and interest to those who otherwise cannot venture far from home.

Many people will be having to quarantine themselves during test trace isolate, and this would be an extra support. Obviously those completely isolating would have to choose their goods in a safe way.

Whether these are charity based or privately run, both provide more job and voluntary opportunities, and could be coordinated in partnership with a government objective to support communities. Get those who can, to donate a van!

Why the contribution is important

Bringing life directly to those who for whatever reason cannot take part in usual activities is a benefit to their well being on many levels.

As well as giving folk a useful shopping opportunity, a regular van service or two could help break up the isolation and monotony of staying at home, and being able to see a friendly face regularly could really help anyone living alone who is vulnerable to loneliness and depression.

Mobile vans/buses could be introduced as a short term initiative to serve the duration of the pandemic recovery but could expand to include things like art therapy, mental health cafes, and could well become integral parts of support systems . Doing up the vans would make great community projects for all ages. Keeping people occupied creatively could spark new ventures for the future, and generally boost spirits.

by Pamela55 on May 07, 2020 at 02:23AM

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