Child care nursery + after school clubs

When the quarantine / house-arrest lockdown is lifted, it will be impossible for these private-sector business to operate if the 6-ft social distance rules are (ludicrously) maintained.

Even if it were physically impossible to keep primary school kids 6ft apart (in the playground, clubs, kirk halls, Scout huts, etc), it would require the employment of more staff - thus making it not cost-efficient/ effective for these business to continue to operate

Why the contribution is important

Removing the 6-ft apart quarantine rules (for nurseries, after school play groups/ clubs, etc) would enable these private sector businesses to resume daily child-care service provision - maintaining employment and providing a service (which the state cannot do) to enable parents to work/ pay bills.

This is good for the economy.

To insist on a 6-ft precautionary gap between kids in these businesses/ premises would kill off this private sectory category instantly - and force parents (who are mostly women) to give up work ; this would also torpedo much of Scot-Govt's 'equality' (for women/ female workers) targets/ employment - thereby increasing the burden to tax-payers.

by JamesRoberts on May 11, 2020 at 12:52PM

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