1, schools are not childcare, the purpose is education and this must be the strongest consideration.
2, how will young children learn, classrooms are no longer children glued to a seat while teachers stand at the front. How will resources be shared? How will children use the toilet? What happens when a young child is hurt or upset? How can comfort be offered from 2 meters?
3, key workers children are full time how will that work? Will they continue
4, PPE for teachers? We have families to consider and elderly relatives we care for to support.
5, after and before school care? Parents rely on these services and if these are closed parents still can’t go back to work. And what about grandparents who usually provide childcare?!
6, teachers children? Do they get school while we work? How do teachers provide home learning and teach in classes?
7, the emotional and social impact long term of children being told they cannot touch anyone else.
8, deep cleans? We currently aren’t allowed to even use bleach

Why the contribution is important

I’m a teacher and a mother, who has elderly relatives to care for.
The economy is not more important than our children and they should be able to see friends and family before being rushed into school.

by mumma2010 on May 07, 2020 at 10:28PM

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