Childcare of some capacity.

Parents cannot be parent/teacher/worker all at once. Non key workers need childcare too.
Childcare in some capacity, a couple of ideas I thought of while trying to work while my 18 month old ran/cried/screamed:
1. Nursery - I know that social distancing is impossible with little ones but maybe smaller groups.
2. Childminders - allow childminders to reopen. Working from home parents are much lower risk so childminders could open back up with less children from different family’s.
3. Family - more than just grandparents can help with childcare, what about aunties/uncles? Also, not all grandparents are high risk and some could help that are not in the shielding category.

If anyone has additional ideas please add!

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Parents cannot be parent/teacher/worker all at once. Toddlers and children require care/education, the attainment gap is already large in Scotland, it cannot expand further.
The mental well-being of parents and children are suffering greatly.
Non classified key workers are still working, some through the night to meet the hours required and getting the work done. They cannot go without their wage so please do not suggest taking time off.
Holiday pay is an average of 6 weeks which are usually reserved for the summer.

by HazelAnne on May 07, 2020 at 09:44PM

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  • Posted by LWats0n May 07, 2020 at 21:55

    Agreed I have just written something along the same lines!
  • Posted by CBunch May 08, 2020 at 03:32

    Continuing from Point 3. Family (Childcare Of some Capacity) This could potentially link with the introduction of Social Bubble or Emotional Family Unit, considered earlier.

    I understand that some Childminders are continuing to prove Childcare Capacity however unclear of details. Where School Hubs are finding difficult is socially distancing children from different households.

    In my opinion within Nursery aged children social distancing would be impossible, while maintaining any Quality Care Practice. Fixed Key Workers would be important along with fixed “household children attending” and limited sessions. There would need to be regular testing/screening, monitoring, and stringent controls to ensure safety for all even with lowering ratios of care.
  • Posted by mazy123 May 08, 2020 at 07:43

    Several people are suggesting schools or nursery deal with smaller groups. I am not sure where people expect the staff to come from? In schools there are up to 33 in a class and a shortage of supply teachers. Nurseries must also have qualified, PVG checked staff. Space and staff for this idea can not magically appear.
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