Thinking ahead to the future when Childminding settings are allowed to be open to all families again ( not just key-workers children or vulnerable children), I would like to make the following suggestions. Could it be the case that it is made mandatory that parents/carers must take their child's temperature each day before drop off or allow the childminder to take the temperature on arrival before the child is left at the setting. I think it is crucial that we remember Childminding settings are people's homes _ they are not schools, nurseries or centers. As we hopefully start to see family and friends albeit in small numbers it is crucial that we minimise any contamination and that our homes are as safe as can be. I also feel childminders should be required to take their own temperature and also any other members of the household before the childminding day.

Why the contribution is important

I feel these measures would help to promote trust for parents/carers leaving their children at Childminding Settings with children from other families and also reassure childminders that they were minimising and risk to their household. As things progress these measures could be revisited.

by Childminding on May 07, 2020 at 02:48PM

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