Clarification on Financial impact of TTI and Education

The TTI system is clearly one of the ways forward, however what are the financial implications of this if employees have to repeatedly go into self isolation. This is particularly pertinent for small businesses where people work closely together. I am also concerned about whether employers will pay their staff during self isolation if these incidents are happening repeatedly. I'd rather stay in lockdown than have this possible negative impact.

Teachers are not childcare providers, they are educationalists and as such should be afforded their professional status, parents must be told not to expect that schools can or will return to any sort of 'normality' any time soon. Teachers are not paid for the majority of their holidays (only 40 days) and the public need to be made more aware of what the true figures of the situation are.

Why the contribution is important

People need to think about the bigger picture and be less selfish around their immediate situation.

by JGFH on May 11, 2020 at 01:18PM

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