Clarify PPE (position & provision) for those with SDS budgets

Clarification around the provision of PPE for those managing an SDS budget - just now begging every fortnight from the local authority and being passed through several different systems - very hand to mouth and extremely time consuming.

Why the contribution is important

This idea to find clarification as this is a very high risk group who have so far had little attention or mention. How does a client with an SDS budget and eg one or two employees access PPE quickly and easily? I'm currently managing an SDS budget for my father and recognise that protecting him is no use if the rest of the clients being serviced by the same care teams in the village are not protected too - so I have become the PPE provider for the whole village with care needs - which is fine (they are generally perhaps able to manage the SDS budget independently but certainly NOT the acquisition of PPE and the logistics involved - eg none now drive) but I need to know how and where to best acquire each fortnight and if this responsibility belongs tot he local authority or not. We are essentially just like a care home, facing all the same challenges, it just happens that our rooms are more spaced out as clients are in their own homes some way apart but the risk and mitigation is almost exactly the same in many ways as a care home. Capping prices on PPE would help too - initially we were having to pay £30 each to secure FF2 masks which should have been around £2 - this is NOT a cost we can take from our SDS budget.

by amanda47 on May 06, 2020 at 03:24PM

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