Clear guidance for business asap

Prepare clear guidance for businesses on hygiene and safe distancing measures, in consultation with key stakeholders. For instance - what guidance do business need that go into homes (plumbers, electricians)? What guidance for large retailers, for small shops? For manufacturers in different industries? For tourist attractions? Just now we all reinvent the wheels. Ensure that there is a reliable supply of all the hygiene materials needed (face masks, disinfectant, shields ) and if the production needs to be ramped up that creates jobs. This is stating the obvious of course - but we need to balance protection of lives and protecting the economy. Which is also stating the obvious.

Why the contribution is important

My Idea is hardly new. But I want to give urgency to the need to come up with clear guidance to support all our economic activity, large and small, local and beyond.

by SaJacks on May 08, 2020 at 06:52AM

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