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Where I agree the lockdown has to be eased gradually, I fully believe that you should be allowed to visit close family, providing no one is showing any symptoms or has been in contact with anyone who is. No one would want to risk their close families health, and those that wouldn't abide by this condition, are probably already visiting their families anyway. I feel this would greatly ease the mounting feeling of unrest that exists among even the most law abiding of citizens.

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The close family bond that exists between so many families is causing genuine heartbreak during the lockdown. This is one of the main longstanding issues of the lockdown. It is beginning to become painful in ways that you could never have imagined. Easing this part of the restrictions would likely cause more adherence in other ways. Just being able to sit in your loved ones houses and give them a cuddle would appease a huge upset and anguish that is surrounding so many households right now. As long as you weren't abusing guidance. The policy of isolation if you develop symptoms is drummed into us all, hence why I feel people would apply great due diligence

by emcmur on May 06, 2020 at 05:46PM

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