Cohesive approach and align with other nations

To recover business, family life and travel, work with the UK nations, put politics aside for the health of all and also work with wider Europe and International countries.

We need other markets to open up for trade, commerce and also personal travel, rest and relaxation for many will be need following weeks of staying safe at home, often separated from friends and family.

To be cohesive we need to adopt some form of standard/accreditation collectively. Health rules, health approach to be developed using the greater good of scientists, medical professionals and academics from around the globe or at least our key markets. This would significantly improve the speed of recovery and provide control too.

Why the contribution is important

Individual nations delivering their own plan won’t support trade and transport. Without both we slow economic and social recovery.

Take a holiday abroad, if the destination applies a quarantine of say 14 days, it’s not worth going as you could also need to quarantine on return to UK for 14 days. If cohesive standards were adopted their could be a mutual respect for the level of cleaning, testing and inspections.

These ratings could inform travel and trade routes and create safe pathways to restart connectivity.

by glalad83 on May 06, 2020 at 12:04AM

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