Cohesive Lockdown Exit Strategy

A clear and consistent overarching UK strategy agreed and presented to the public by all four leaders in the same conference to show a cohesive approach to the path forward. Then in the same conference, the opportunity for each devolved administration to clearly explain where they are in the process, why & when they will be able to take the agreed steps (timings may be different for each nation)
Responsibility to then be taken by each devolved administration to monitor and manage their own strategy with the power to tweak/ enforce/ relax restrictions to accomodate circumstances & lead to ultimate goal of the UK coming out of lock down in the same way.

Why the contribution is important

At the moment we have 4 leaders saying different things on a daily basis at different times of the day. As a consequence there is confusion and frustration in the public as we cannot see a clear path forward for the UK as a whole; fear moving too quickly or being left behind. A cohesive Leadership group, speaking at the same time and being transparent as to any regional variations and the reasons and solutions to these would provide reassurance, clarity and hope whilst maintaining public confidence.

by kathrynjb on May 11, 2020 at 01:09PM

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