Combined UK briefing. Sanction sensationalist media reporting on Coronavirus

Although Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are devolved nations there should be a combined daily briefing about Coronavirus. The separate nations cannot enforce lockdown in one area if restrictions are being slowly lifted elsewhere without good cause apart from possibly Northern Ireland due to geographical location. The media reports on Coronavirus are generally unhelpful and sensationalist reporting is increasing anxiety and depression.
In this moment of crisis politicians must set aside their differences, work together and present a united front.
Inaccurate and fear mongering media reports should result in sanctions.

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It is extremely important to maintain good mental health during the lockdown. Media reporting on different strategies for Scotland, Wales, England and sensationalist reporting on deaths undermine efforts to promote good mental health and well being during this difficult time.

by mimianderson on May 08, 2020 at 11:10PM

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  • Posted by GraemeBrown May 09, 2020 at 09:11

    Sorry but we need to know as individual countries within the union how we are combating this pandemic. The EU countries have separate daily briefings and so should we. Depending on the state of the situation and given separate geographical layout there may be situations where we do need different paths in the short term to benefit the long term. This isn't about politics this is about wellbeing for all in the UK and future. Politics can resume at a later date.
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