Communal access egress to buildings

Access to buildings has not been considered sufficiently as an issue. Lifts in particular cannot be avoided in many buildings and make social distancing an impossibility. Communal staircases can also be an issue if narrow and congested. I would suggest the following be considered: 1 SG provide advice to landlords, factors and employers on best practice safe for use of lifts. 2 Kandlords employers or factors assess risks for every building with lifts or communal staircases, determine the safest protocols for each building, make reasonable adjustments if necessary, and provide clear signage for residents and visitors. 3 Current safe occupancy numbers signposted in lifts (based on weight) should be downgraded, where necessary, to consider distancing and over-stamped. 4 Routines such as as fire drills should be reconsidered and suspended, if appropriate on the balance of risks.

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The principal bottle-necks in buildings are generally means of access and egress. Lifts make social distancing impossible but are potentially the sole means of access for many, to homes, places of work and public buildings. Staircases in many buildings make distancing impossible if users are passing. These appear to be significant areas of risk that have not been adequately considered. This is particularly the case where the access arrangements are shared and there is no clear line of responsibility. Live fire drills also produce high concentrations of people unable to distance themselves.

by PeterM on May 08, 2020 at 08:36PM

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