Compulsory mask wearing

I think it should become COMPULSORY for everyone over age of 12 to wear masks on public transport, shops or anywhere they may come into closer contact with others less than 2 metres apart. This could mean we are freed from strict lockdown as it is harder for the virus to transfer one to another if everyone has to wear masks. Masks are better than ‘face coverings’. The latter have a tendency to slip down the face.
The government would need to procure millions of masks so people living in Scotland would be able to gain easy access to them either for free or for a small sum. Currently we are advised to wear face coverings but most people, in my experience, choose not to.
I would be pleased to wear a mask if it meant I was on the path to a greater freedom of movement.

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It could ease freedom of movement and allow us a gradual exit from lockdown.

by Superquine on May 09, 2020 at 11:55PM

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  • Posted by aapeel May 10, 2020 at 12:40

    Wearing masks is not the answer, it is merely a panacea based upon what one feels is a good idea, but a concept that is not based upon common sense and reality. A Cowling et al (2009) note 'There is little evidence to support the effectiveness of face masks to reduce the risk of infection'.
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