Confidence is key

The reality is until you have widespread and rapid testing, with the ability to the track and trace in a manner that gives the public confidence on not only the output of that information, but also how data is held, there really isn’t any other responsible way out. We need to drop some barriers on legislation to speed up the process and take a few risks to invest in technology to ease the lockdown. Antibody testing along with immunity certificates could be the way to go and there appears to be enough evidence that immunity does last for a period to at least bring us out of lockdown. Right now, we have to be honest and say that our testing capacity is too low to ease lockdown. Boost that, track & trace with confidence around data privacy and find an antibody solution (there are companies in Scotland in the private sector who have this) is the answer.

Why the contribution is important

It’s just an honest assessment of where we are and whilst we may not be there yet, any other solution (asking the public to behave) doesn’t feel as reliable.

by GloryGlory on May 08, 2020 at 08:16AM

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