Consider alternative/complementary therapists as essential workers

Alternative/complementary therapists could be considered essential workers as they often provide much needed support for people to improve their emotional and physical health and well-being. As professionals the therapists can determine whether a case is essential or an emergency. We would obviously take the same protective precautions as other health care workers.

Why the contribution is important

A lot of people rely on alternative/complementary health provision for their emotional and physical well-being. At times of heightened stress such as is happening now, some people's well-being will deteriorate dramatically. As a bodyworker and trauma therapist I am being contacted by clients requesting face to face sessions as they deal with the increased stress. I think it would be important to consider some of the alternative/complementary therapists as essential workers. As professionals we could determine when a case seems essential or emergency and then take the same protective precautions as other health care workers. This sector of the health and well-being community have a lot to offer and are an important resource that supports the NHS often by supporting people with chronic and long-term health problems that otherwise might be a significant user of NHS resources.

by Bsmith on May 05, 2020 at 05:18PM

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