Consider the real vulnerable people

We have to return to considering who were the vulnerable people before Covid 19 replaced this with just at risk of the virus.

People with mental health issues, living in abusive homes, physical illnesses and disabilities have all been completely been disregarded and their lives have been on the line since day one of lockdown. People who used shopping delivery services due to their physical, or mental ailments now cannot get this service, as those who 'might' be at risk are chosem by the govt, forgetting all those with physical impairments who had to utilise these services to begin with.

Essential mental and physical health treatments have been stopped. Even the counselling industry is on its knees as clients are all in survibal mode and dont trust non face to face services, putting risk of suicide higher. Not to mention those not being screened, or getting treatments that could save their lives.

Even pain suffers cannot get physio, or holistic services needed to manage their lives. Im not even touching on all of the health and vulnerabilities at moment, but we know what they are, including those adults and children locked down in abusive homes.

We need to get all of these things back up and running, making sure we are not choosing those at risk from virus, over every other vulnerability and disability.

So set measures in place to get these items back to as normal as possible as quick as possible, putting in safety ppe and distancing only where possible. Nhs appointments back up and running, services available to disabled once again, wellbeing appountments to run all using common sense - which we seem to be assumed to have forgotten.

Those at risk, isolate, or if need medical apptmnts put safer procedures with masks etc in place, but get this back up and running and the rest should follow with people just being responsible for themselves, using common sense. What will be will be, but stop picking and choosing lives.

The real vulnerable have been forgotten and need now to be put first!

Why the contribution is important

Because it will save other lives, ots not just covid 19 which takes lives, or can out a strain on services, there will be mental and physical health backlash if we dont consider real vulnerable needs.

by Jtaimej on May 10, 2020 at 09:47PM

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  • Posted by GJBB May 10, 2020 at 22:21

    Covid represents less than half all deaths and delaying treatment for cancer etc will result in unnecessary deaths.
  • Posted by carerbear May 11, 2020 at 02:32

    Incredibly true. Disabled people are being totally disregarded.
  • Posted by FM79 May 11, 2020 at 08:14

    Agree, the current blanket approach has made the majority fear that they are at risk of a negative outcome from catching covid when in reality the data is showing otherwise but the government and media are choosing to scaremonger and frighten all. The truly vunerable need to be protected and prioritised to ensure that they are safe, whilst the rest of us accept the miniscule risk and start to find a way to coexist with the virus that doesn't create bigger problems than the virus itself
  • Posted by Christina May 11, 2020 at 12:22

    I'm very worried about the huge amount of lives put at risk to "save lives". It does indeed feel like lots of lives were totally abandoned and not even thought about for a second.
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