Consistency in approach to businesses opening

Why can Asda, Sainbury’s, The Range, Homebase, B&Q etc all sell non essential items?

It is hugely unfair to businesses who sell clothes, TV’s, domestic appliances etc that they gave to remain closed though supermarkets can sell all their goods.

Of course supermarkets should be open no question, but why are they allowed to sell non essential items.

If I owned a clothes shop and I was being told to close and yet saw Asda selling clothes I would feel very annoyed. The supermarkets are a cartel and have a monopoly just now and this isn’t right.

Either allow all shops to open and let people social distance or stop allowing large chains to sell all goods. It’s hugely unfair.

Why the contribution is important

The economy is likely to suffer badly for a long time to come it is important therefore all businesses are treated fairly to ensure they can be on a equal footing when we come out of this mess.

by Gus1985 on May 06, 2020 at 08:27AM

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