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Get the construction sector opened up at the first available chance. The construction industry is one of the biggest contributors to the economy & the longer it’s idle the longer the economy and every worker involved in the sector is going to take to recover. Yes there are workers who have been furloughed & receiving 80% of the wages paid weekly, and will be happy to sit at home safely getting paid. I know I would. However being self employed in the building trade, (which probably makes up 1/2 of the self employed in Scotland) we are struggling for income, to pay our bills & provide for our families, is it a risk to open building sites back up, probably but with “One Way Systems” around the sites, hand cleaning stations at each house, stagger the tea breaks there’s no reason the building sites can’t be one of the first work places to open. Am I happy to risk my health to go to work? Yes, haven’t had 1p in wages since March, no benefits & the Self Employed Help Scheme is still to pay out. The sooner we get back to work the better for the economy & our businesses before there is no business to go back to.

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The Construction Industry plays a huge part in Scotland’s economy, it can also be managed safely with what I’ve described above. In my opinion I’d rather be on a building site all day where we rarely come into contact with other people, (Social Distancing can be adhered to when required) than stand in a queue of people waiting to go into the supermarket, much safer on a building site than in a shop. Yes supermarkets and their workers are “key” but so is the construction industry key to the economy.

by Surfer88 on May 06, 2020 at 10:08PM

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