Contact With Separated Partners

Hi Nicola, what an outstanding job you are doing! We're so proud to have you as our First Minister! Thank you for everything you are doing for Scotland.
Whilst you are obviously horrendously busy right now, could I make one plea ? There are a LOT of separated Partners in Scotland, probably a lot more than you realise.... husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, civil partners, .......
Would it be possible to just consider separated partners to see each other "privately" where there is no CV19 in either location? Of course I have to declare an interest...... my partner is in Clydebank and I live in Perthshire.... we haven't seen each other since February and for mental health reasons she especially, is struggling right now, as you can well imagine!
I would welcome it if, you get a moment, to consider this option.
Thanks again for everything you are doing..... we're all behind you Nicola.
Andy Mallinson

Why the contribution is important

It is, in my opinion, very important for mental health, physical health, and family/partner cohesiveness. Society is under stress right now, and the basis of society is strong, cohesive relationships with those that matter to us.

by barbeg on May 11, 2020 at 05:33PM

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