I totally agree that we need to be very careful about increasing contacts with other people but I wonder, when the time is right, if as a start we could have contact with one other household. This could be a mutually exclusive arrangement initially, but it would mean that isolated friends could see each other and families could see each other at least in a limited way, It would be a fairly simple message to convey and a fairly simple restriction to re-impose if it proved necessary. If it did not lead to a spike, it would also be fairly simple to gradually expand. I think this would make a massive difference to how people could cope with a continuation of the current limitations.

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I think it is important for our general mental health, but a limited and controlled expansion of our social circle will also help us to cope with these limitations for longer if that turns out to be necessary.

by dms68 on May 11, 2020 at 12:47PM

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