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As an SNP member and a Scot, I am happy to see the absolute clarity that the FM, Nicola Sturgeon, has provided throughout the pandemic. Lockdown should definitely continue and I would suggest that it be made compulsory for essential workers (particularly in retail) to wear face masks. One issue that I do have is the absolute lack of support for students. Students cannot apply for benefits including universal credits so some financial support should be available and offered to us, and indeed every individual, at this difficult time. I would like to acknowledge that students are by no means the only group struggling and in need of support, however I feel as though they have been ignored.

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I unfortunately feel as though students have been very much left out in the discussion of financial support.

by taraexena on May 11, 2020 at 08:26PM

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  • Posted by kirst10 May 11, 2020 at 20:38

    Agree about the students part. I myself am just finishing uni, and expected to pay council tax at the beginning of next month as I'm no longer exempt after finishing degree. Having only had a part time job through uni I am getting paid virtually nothing on furlough, and no longer have student loan coming through. How are we expected to feasibly pay for rent, council tax, and bills in these circumstances? Normally over the summer I would be working much more to provide for extra costs without student loan, but with furlough this is not taken in to consideration and I have no other options.
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