Continue lockdown 'til end May but concurrently release dated plan

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I still feel the decline in cases is too fragile to lift lockdown but it is obvious people are already taking matters into their own hands and breaching rules. I would actually like to see the FM give a nationwide address on BBC and STV explaining again why the next couple of weeks are so critical. IMO the next 3 weeks should be given over to putting out a phased plan, a bit like Ireland's with indicative dates, to give people something concrete to work towards, in the hope that seeing actual dates are now factored in will give them the motivation to stick to lockdown just a little bit further. I fear Boris Johnston will undermine this over the coming week though.

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It is clear not everyone can, or is willing to, continue lockdown. We must find some balance to get the majority on board. Giving folks dates to work towards usually helps morale.

by Catsmother on May 06, 2020 at 10:21PM

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