Controlled opening of golf courses

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Limited opening of golf courses, as per the rules of engagement drawn up by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club. These rules allow play without compromising on the principles of social distancing. Booking is already done online. By restricting the play to members of clubs, adherence to rules will be self-policed.

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The health benefits of exercise are well-documented. Regular golf provides a prolonged and sustained exercise regime. Although we are permitted to exercise currently, the repetitiveness of walking, running or cycling has brought boredom, and a consequent drop off in participation. Opening golf would bring an extra dimension, and therefore increase the totality of exercise being taken across the country.
The social side of golf also brings mental health benefits, as players reacquaint themselves with their playing partners, some of whom are friends of long standing.
Finally, the virus is more easily avoided in outdoor activities such as golf.

by jrmungall on May 06, 2020 at 09:36AM

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