Cooperation with the other parts of the UK. An end to grandstanding, politicking & trying to create independence by the back door.
Lifting lock down by working with employers creating flexible work patterns. This creates less demand on public transport, and road netwotk. Asking food retailers to extend their hours so as to spread the footfall through the day. Key workers are being denied groceries because they are not NHS or care workers. However our jobs are just as important, but largely over looked.

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My idea for employers will help with social distancing in work places, it limits the demand on public transport & increases the likelihood of social distancing being observed. It is sustainable, and also environmentally friendly.
I would ask for wholesale road repairs to make cycling safer.
The idea on extending opening hours in grocery shops like Tesco also means the footfall is spread. More people can get shopping, more people can get what they need & again social distancing can be observed.

by Martin75 on May 11, 2020 at 07:35PM

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