Coronavirus Childline

When Scottish classrooms return, children like adults will need to follow social distancing rules and it will not be easy for anyone. Teachers will have their own ideas and there may be a lot more behavioural problems due to misunderstandings. There is indeed going to be a 'new normal' for everyone in the future. Children have the right to know fully what is expected of them with regards to social distancing. Why they must also social distance from their grandparents, especially hard. The Coronavirus Childline can help very young children understand the current crisis. They can ask their own questions about the dos and donts of social distancing and importantly why it is happening to them and the CC will help emotional wellbeing for the child generally.

Why the contribution is important

I believe my idea is important as there are many grandchildren hurting right now not being able to see their grandparents. There is a huge vacuum between them due to the lockdown. Sometimes grandparents have trouble even in normal times making arrangements to see their grandchildren, perhaps because of a family conflict. These social distancing rules have made things even more hurtful. Childrens' human rights are important and I believe children have the right to ask their own questions and be given good clear answers.

by Rose7 on May 11, 2020 at 08:07PM

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