CoronaVirus recovery proposal

The daily cases are steady but haven’t significantly dropped. Many more than Spain or Italy who are only just lifting lockdowns. If we lift lockdown now and have people mixing on public transport at work and in social activities with those infected not showing symptoms we risk increasing spread again and undoing past seven weeks. Even lifting it part at a time it will just spread more slowly through everyone. I propose we are honest with public about this that we need cases to drop more before we can re open. That we take a lead from Spain Italy who now have less deaths and make a more strict lockdown for next three weeks enabling cases to drop more. Public are already breaking lockdown we need to reinforce why we need to do this that it has partially worked as cases not increasing but we need the cases to drop also. Be honest with public about percent tested who are dying and as we don’t know how many have had this until everyone is tested we don’t know if percent will come significantly down although we suspect this is the case we can’t be sure and if that current percent was a percent of population and we open and this spreads to whole population that would do more economic damage than any lockdown. People’s health and the economy are not two mutually exclusive things they are closely tied If we open and it spreads the more people die from this the more NHS staff die the more long term health effects we have and economic challenge of rebuilding the country with a population suffering from grief and mental health issues. For the stricter lockdown we should ask everywhere to close which is not essential leaving only NHS and care homes open. We should split those staff working on corona wards and those in other wards so they have different start times different breaks and therefore different travel times. Staff on corona wards should not enter other wards or mix with staff on other wards. everyone else should stay home unless working in Essential food supply chain. People should not be allowed out for exercise only one trip to supermarket if delivery slot not possible and essential. Police also have to work. But no take away no home shops no bike shops and offices and factories can close even banks it’s jot essential. People should be told it will be just three weeks at most and that makes it easier to comply with knowing when it ends. Fines for companies who ask staff to work. Because just now there are companies still making arms to deport open and that doesn’t make sense.

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Because starting to reopen while daily cases this high could lead to a resurgence. Because it’s also important to protect economy and a shorter period of total lockdown will do less long term damage.

by CarrieFortune on May 09, 2020 at 12:24PM

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