Coronavirus risk assessments for all workplaces

Businesses, schools and local authorities know best how to safely re-open. E.g. certain restaurants can do outdoor dining; schools know which kids are falling behind, how the school bus runs work etc. They are best placed to identify and manage risk.

Scot Gov should provide clear guidance on producing Coronavirus risk assessments, and make it a legal requirement to produce one, including consultation with trade unions. Businesses and public services can then reopen with common sense control measures in place.

Why the contribution is important

It empowers communities and businesses to implement common sense control measures, using local knowledge and understanding.

It will help local economies and public services re-open while minimising risk of virus transmission. Continued lockdown would be financially disastrous for many people, leading to increased poverty, ill health and mortality.

by dblair on May 08, 2020 at 12:31PM

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