Cough/sneeze contamination needs EMERGENCY DISINFECTION

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Receiving a high dose of virus to face from cough/sneeze is a high risk for infection, the more severe for the high dose. See FACE SHIELDS for why these preferred. Staff in Primary and Community Care are most likely to suffer this risk as the patients are at the earlier stage of illness with much cough/sneeze. If occurs, it's an emergency similar to a needlestick injury, demanding formal Policies and Procedures. When with access to soap and water, this is to be preferred: see HOW TO WASH YOUR FACE. When without access to soap and water, and with access to Alcohol Sanitiser Gel: 1 DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE 2 disinfect hands, using full Clinical Hand Disinfection procedure with gel for 30s, and retain on hands 3 apply more gel starting at nose then face, wiping outwards from nose and mouth 4 apply gel to everted lips and inside nostrils, breathing through mouth 5 massage gel inside nostril from outside for 10sec or until irritation 6 DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE (even while gel dries out)

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Minimising infections dose is a key part of preventing infections. The Minimum Infections Dose for SARS-Cov19 is not yet known, but is believed less than that for SARS and MERS. The high prevalance in healthcare workers outside of ICU may be due to 1 lesser PPE against exposure to high infective doses 2 exposure to more cough/sneeze events attending at earlier course of illnesses If there are such Policies and Procedures, they are well hidden from NHS staff (like me), or in published literature. They are for sure not published for public use e.g. at every alcohol gel station that may be the quickest disinfection location for a person when out and about.

by colinbro99 on May 07, 2020 at 12:02PM

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