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At present people who have young children are waiting to move into new properties to escape abusive neighbours which can mean coping with physical and/or mental abuse daily some families of whom have been offered properties but unfortunately cannot move in as they are waiting for council staff to go back to work to check for repairs and allow signing of missives. This is an added stress can these families be allowed to have keys to view these properties and sign the missives following social distance rules of course. My family are in total agreement with the Scottish government and their handling of lock down measures. Thank you for your transparency. marie262

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I feel that if family members could pick up keys and view the empty properties themselves this would take away any danger to council staff and if the property missives are signed within the council building following social distancing this would help a lot of families some of whom are under great stress and fear of their antisocial neighbours and as you can imagine during lock down their is no escape. This is important to peoples health and safety. I am a grandmother of one of these families who have been offered a new home and cannot move in as they cant view or sign missives and these properties are lying empty in the mean time.

by Marie262 on May 07, 2020 at 02:46PM

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