Couples torn apart by lockdown should be allowed to see each other

Couples torn apart by lockdown should be allowed to go between each other’s household only, or allowed the chance to move in with one another again without breaking any rules.

Even allowing couples to go for walks together socially distanced outdoors would make a difference to people who have not seen their other half for over 7 weeks.

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It is damaging for relationships and people’s mental health for couples who have been together for years to be torn apart.

The rules are in place for a reason to keep people safe but I believe more could be done in this area, even if outdoor meetings is the only way to achieve this safely.

by erinsmith234 on May 08, 2020 at 09:48AM

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  • Posted by McJemc May 08, 2020 at 10:05

    I am isolating by myself as is my partner. This is causing immense strain to me mentally as i have never felt more alone in my life. There is a real fear that this could ruin my relationship. Aside from that, not seeing my family is killing me. Video calls are great but theyre no substitute.
    I have been abiding by the rules since day 1 and im well aware its for the greater good but even if it was announced that this was going to be allowed as part of the first steps of easing lockdown, i think it would save a lot of people.
  • Posted by lisasilver May 08, 2020 at 16:22

    My partner is in isolation in a rural location. I am currently 100 miles north and only venture out to shop once every week. My strict attitude to social distancing would not lessen if we could make just one move to be together.
    Mental health issues for people in our situation should not be underestimated.
    We are not selfish, we are not irresponsible. We just happened not to be together when lock down was enforced and we have played by all the rules. There appear to be many delivery drivers, journalists and MSPs who are travelling distances regularly. We only want to make ONE journey! PLEASE!
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