We are (mostly) responsible adults who are generally opposed to living in a nanny state, and reasonably so. Continued lockdown is no way forward as Covid is here to stay, and those of us who are young and/or healthy need some immunity as well as to get on with our lives. An oppressed economy together with being locked away in our own homes - many with mental and/or physical issues - is no way forward for folk or country. Many may wish to - and many will need to continue working from home; others may wish to remain in self-isolation for varying reasons, but an extension of where we are today will reap no benefits to the economy, children or families. Take the pressure off, let’s see a workable App that is, if not mandatory, then (very) widely used, and let’s see full-out testing, including for antibodies. Let’s also ensure that those self-isolating are well cared for in communities across the land.

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For the good of the country.

by OldDeuteronomy on May 06, 2020 at 02:38AM

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