Covid-19... a reset.

CV-19 is passed on by 'viral load'. By way of demonstration, assume it takes 1000 viruses to overwhelm a person's immune system and bring about an actual infection. Wearing a close woven (cotton) mask reduces the outgoing and incoming sputum droplets that carry the virus by 75%. Eating in a restaurant two meters apart, but with the air conditioners running or other means of circulating air, will distribute sufficient virus to affect everyone within twenty feet or so of a carrier. Public transport, due to its lengthy close proximity in a closed environment, mask or not, will very easily spread the virus. Enough examples... I trust you have the gist.

Why the contribution is important

The point is that it is the physical barrier between each citizen that dictates their capability to survive. I accept that some are more and some are less susceptible, but absolutely nobody is immune... fact. In order to give each member of society the opportunity to move about the nation, they need effective PPE. N100 filtered air using P3 filters (I think these are adequate to catch the virus in adequate numbers). Eyewear to place a barrier between hand and eye to stop inadvertent rubbing and viral transfer. Plentiful washing facilities to access soap and water with a hand airdryer. The means would be best supplied by government at an interval equal to the most highly used product life (masks and public facilities). While the cost would not be inconsiderable, it would free up most of the working population to return to work. Once again, we must reduce the means of a high viral loading to develop in the air by way of suitable legislation (proximity and ventilation of fresh air).

by EddieSK on May 11, 2020 at 05:34PM

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